Super Charge Your Business



Until 10th June 2016


Tuesday 21st of June 2016

9 am to 5pm

Past event given a 10/10

Would you like to learn the strategies and install the mindset of your dream business?

Some of the TYPICAL RESULTS people get out of this training:

  • Identify the gaps in your business and start to transform them
  • Identify ways to further increase profits and productivity
  • Learn how to work even more effectively and efficiently to buy back your time
  • Exposing your fears and removing them so that you can understand your true value and worth.
  • Having even more fun in your work place (leading to happier more productive employees)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to work with and motivate highly effective teams 
  • Learn Even more effective  communication strategies with customers and prospects
  • Further Clarify your business message, goals and outcomes
  • Decrease marketing costs even more as you are marketing more effectively

Who is This Event For?


Are you a Business Owner who:

  • Would you like to make more profit, grow your business, and either become or solidify yourself as the leaders in your field?
  • Is always busy and taking action, but still not generating the results you would like, or as fast as you would like?
  • Realises the importance of networking and creating a community of like-minded business owners?
  • Employees are lacking motivation, accountability or productivity, and just don’t seem to care about your business as much as you do?
  • Or do you feel as though your staff are great, but together you could be achieving even more?

This event is for Serious Business Owners who operate ethically, care about their clients and staff, and want to grow their business.

It will be an advantage if you are open-minded and looking for extraordinary results.

When: Tuesday 21st June 2016, 9am – 5pm
Where: RACV Resort Torquay, 1 Great Ocean Rd
Free on site Parking
Cost: $97 until 30th May 2016
Tea and Coffee will be provided and light afternoon tea.

This is Definitely NOT for those who want mediocre results – YOU WANT INSANE results – then do what the majority of the population don’t do And that is to spend the time to find out what is stopping you get the results you would love in your business!

What Is This Event About?

Growing your business and taking it to the next level. Hard business strategies and knowledge that will, if implemented correctly have your business thrive.

Basically –

  • Knowledge and
  • Action

Having the right knowledge with what to do for your business and then having the ability to take the RIGHT action to produce the desired results.

We will look at different aspects of your business – strategies, staff, mindset, sales and marketing – to support you in achieving your ideal.

Proven techniques from one of Australia’s most sought after Sales and Marketing managers and cutting edge processes and strategies that will have you lengths in front of you competition.

We will help Support you to action these strategies specifically for you and your business.

Recent Testimonials

Prue helped me get out of my own way and break right through the blocks that were stopping me from valuing myself properly. Within 2 sessions I increased my charge-out rate by 250% and closed new customers thanks to the confidence in my own ability that Prue had restored. I can’t thank her enough and my only advice to you is – pick up the phone and book a session with Prue now. You won’t regret it.Directory Wavesearch Pty Ltd

Adam Mackay
Prue is an engaging and entertaining presenter. She knows how to work the audience for maximum learning and interaction. If you are after someone to give you a shake up and to really question what game you are playing, then she’s your girl.Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur

Jeffrey Slayter

Prue is a phenomenal coach who has your back and keeps you accountable. In just 3 months I have seen amazing results with my business, work and my personal life. I negotiated a 6 figure contract as a consultant (an increase of $27k) whilst reducing my hours of work and creating value for my time. I grew my own business by 92% and increased my client base by an extra 6 clients (nearly $150k increase). At the same time I also increased the value of each client from $33k to $42k, with new clients interested in investing 100k. The results have been amazing.

Founder and Director, Axiom Global Management

Gareth Huynh



Prue MorrisonBusiness Transformation Specialist.

There will be serious business owners and entrepreneurs within our local and wider community who have the vision of taking their business to serious levels.

Like minded individuals who are passionate about their product, service, staff and clients.

It will be a great networking event to meet those who are serious about going places, so make sure you are there early to make use of your time.

When: Tuesday 21st JUNE 2016, 9am – 5pm
Where: RACV Resort Torquay, 1 Great Ocean Rd
Free on site Parking
Cost: $97 until 30th May 2016
Tea and Coffee will be provided and light afternoon tea.


I had the challenge of changing the culture in a 15 year old business with 30 employees. Since meeting and working with Prue I have identified the things I had no idea where effecting my business. She reignited my passion and drive and I have no doubt that my work with Prue has had positive changes in my personal and business life to create more fun and enjoyments while increasing profits.

Director / Operations Manager, Flexi Home Storage Solutions

Craig Teede
What I’ve learned from my30+ years of experience is that, dollar for dollar is that ‘Expertise’ is the most effective form of investment. And, if you’re looking for an expert on leadership, training, and aligning your efforts for maximum results, then you should work with Prue Morrison. I have also launched two successful start up business and was immediately impressed by Prue’s honest and direct approach. I wanted her on my team. Do yourself a favour recognize the opportunity that Prue represents in your own journey. Invest in yourself and/or your business by investing in her expertise. You won’t regret it.Founder of Arizona Home Buyers LLC

Richard Laansma

Prue is a fun, relatable, hard-ass coach. She has a way with words and gets you into action from the get-go. Prue’s coaching impacted me and my business immediately as I was geared into action. Along with this practical approach, Prue works on a deep level to created space for lasting change in habits and beliefs enabling unbounded business growth. I would highly, highly recommend Prue to any adventurous soul who is serious about stepping up their game, being challenged and making an impact in the world.

Sexuality Coach, Consultant, Speaker

Alex Harvey

I was fortunate enough to hear Prue speak and was thoroughly absorbed. Her way of engaging the group was inclusive, interactive and thought provoking, while being incredibly comfortable. A must.

Advertising Manager, Geelong & Surfcoast Living Magazine

Tess Carroll
I highly recommend Prue’s coaching. I have been suffering from anxiety for over 12 years that has been holding me back. In the past few months, Prue has helped me not only alleviate this, but has also helped me achieve many goals – one being a successful business. My life has been transformed in such a short period of time thanks to Prue’s skills, awareness, passion and support. I just wish I had met her earlier, it would have helped me save so much time and effort. Prue is truly an amazing person.Master Reiki Instructor, Trainer and Coach

Natalie Nairn
Prue – I want to thanks you for everything. Your guidance and help supported me and bought inner peace into my life. Which for me is priceless. Thank you again.

Tattoo and Visual Artist

Eddy Fuentealba
Hi I just thought I would let you know… it is gone. Our one little conversation changed my life. Thank you. X

Health Coach

Angie Powell
Prue’s coaching has not only helped me get to the heart of the blockages holding me back both personally and professionally, but has also provided me with real steps to define and work towards my goals. I would highly recommend her to anyone, thanks Prue!

Managing Director, LIME CREATIVE graphic design

Bec Birchall
Prue is an excellent coach. Since being coached by Prue my life has changed dramatically. I now work part-time and I am following my passions. I wouldn’t have believed these changes in my life were possible a year ago.

Procurement Officer, Social Entrepreneur

Freya Wenham
I am a huge fan of Prue’s no-nonsense “smash that” approach to coaching. She is a woman passionate about bringing out the best in others. If you’re ready to reach a high performance level then I whole-heartedly recommend coaching with Prue!

Founder and Managing Director, Head, Heart and Hand Holidays

Emma Hawkins
Thank you Prue. I have certainly achieved more than I thought possible in such a short time. You helped to get to the core of the reasons why I’ve held myself back in reaching my own potential. To anyone who feels as though they want to live a better life but are not sure how, Prue Definitely can help by giving you the tools to succeed. Amazing!

National Wholesale Manager for Krispy Kreme, Business manager Mission Foods

Sean Ward
Hey Prue, just wanted to say thanks for your fantastic coaching the other day. I have my priorities straight now and am powering through the work and the results are already showing.

CEO and Managing Director, Videotise

Paul Holland
Despite having completed numerous personal development programs in years past Prue provided a simple framework that means regardless of your experience to date, you will learn so much about yourself and what you are looking for. Prue is an amazing Coach. She brings passion, great skill, experience and depth to your journey which will definitely get you the results you are looking for. I would strongly encourage anyone to invest the time. It is well worth the outcomes!

Founder of Employerbility, Employee engagement and performance specialist

Kate Boorer
I highly recommend Prue for her excellent Business Coaching skills. Prue was able to help me identify key areas to work on, on a daily level, this helped me to achieve clarity and focus and steered me in a positive direction towards better results in my business. Thankyou Prue… I owe you a million dollars already!

Principal, Financial Services For Life

Rosella Mamone
Thanks Prue. Couldn’t have got to where I am without your Guidance, Insights and Coaching. All the myriad of things little, large and variations of spaces in-between do in fact amount to something!! It is hard to capture such a frightening, confused and horrifically painful time for myself. The immensity of pain and time taken to get where I am know would have been both vastly increased without you as my catalyst. Through a delicate and direct approach Prue is also humble and humorous in nature. She enabled me to reach past and further then I’d ever imagined, passing through traumas, medical and mental barriers. The Insights, guidance and coaching that reminded me to reflect, bring about clarity and see clearly the path were little gems. She played a significant part in, directing, encouraging and empowering myself closer towards a sense of knowing, opening and poised way of being, rather than that of impulsivity. More importantly trusting in what your heart wants and that which is most important. To the greatest capacity and extent, for not just yourself though the world in that we live.

Youth Advisory Committee for Headspace

Damian Matthews
I walked away so inspired after hearing Prue speak. She was engaging and passionate. Her professional awareness, insights and communication were knowledgeable and precise, and I feel very excited on new strategies, and ongoing use of the tools that she shared. The positive effect of her presentation has been immediate and very visible in both my business and personal life.

CEO Marley and Moo

Fiona Goonan
We had Prue come and speak with our 30 staff, touching on personal and professional development. She incorporated our vision and mission statements and helped the girls reflected on their professional interpretation of how they should present themselves in our environment. Prue was very efficient, the staff were very interactive and I was really impressed. It was great.

Director (and set up), TELC Torquay, Education Centre

Amy England
I just had a breakthrough session coaching with Prue Morrison. I have spent a lot of time and money on counselling, psychologist and even psychiatrists. However working with Prue was even more powerful. I have never experienced anything like it. Prue actually gave me strategies and helped me work through the blocks that were holding me back. I got a great deal of strategies and learnt things that actually make a difference in everyday life.

Entrepreneur and mother of 2

Ash Bowerman
For long time now, I have had all these ideas and dreams that I wanted to put into place and I really struggled to take actions on them. It left me feeling frustrated because I have this inner knowing that I have got something to give. Sitting with Prue, was able to very clearly help me realize that within myself, you can do this and here are some steps to help you get there. It really helped me to look ahead and have something to work towards. I also found it was really easy talking to Prue, and to look forward. I was able to talk about what I loved, she listened and then put it back to me to think. It was really about me realizing my full potential and me realizing “what do I now need to do next” and then working with me to create an action plan to achieve it. Any one else feeling similar to that, I would highly recommend Prue. I am really grateful for the experience. Thank you!

Movement Therapist

Catterina Tilby
I am journalist with Fairfax and I am surf coast shire councillor. Working with Prue was amazing. We worked through a few events from my past where I developed certain blocks and attitudes towards myself. The change was really quick! In the session I just completed, it’s amazing how much lighter I feel. I now realize that I have been placing meaning on the wrong areas or things that doesn’t need to have meaning place on them at all. I realized they shaped me in certain ways. I had no idea these kind of things were in there. I now want to look after my body and I eat the things I supposed to eat. I now also understand the power of positive thinking and the view I have of myself. This is such a huge life change for me. Working with Prue was really fantastic. I’m really feeling amazing now.Thanks Prue!

Journalist at Fairfax, Shire Councillor

Eve Fisher
I worked with Prue in relation to the beginning stages of my business. I was having a little bit of dramas with that. Now I feel completely confident and am clear on the actions steps. Prue completely nailed it. She got into my psyche. I now feel really content and calmf and have the confidence to move forward. The session flowed and evolved. Thank you Prue for coming into my life and for giving me some of those ‘oomph’ that I need that I already got within me. Thanks a lot!

Director at Vivi Swimwear

Jodie Hopkins
Prue was really insightful. The session I had with Prue, which incorporated surfing was fantastic. I hadn’t realized how the way I surfed was connected to so many other things in my life. Working on both areas works hand in hand and Prue was really able to help me out. She gave me some great tips both in surfing and in getting clear on my goals in life. It flowed and was effortless. The stuff Prue is doing really works. I’d say if you are thinking about working with Prue then give it a go. Thanks!

Photographer and Coach

Josie Harvey
This Process was amazing. I finally discovered what my 5 top passions are. I actually thought money was very high priority for me and it actually didn’t come up in my top 5 so I was amazed to discover what they actually were. After having done the process, I feel confident that the action I going to take will take me closer to what I am truly passionate about. Thank you very much for the opportunity to do it. Please if you are not sure about what your passions are even if you think you know, please yourself a chance to do the passion test and work with Prue because you will truly discover what you want and what you here for in this life.

Lorena Diaz
I worked with Prue yesterday and she really helped me with values and I discovered lots about myself, about my mind set, and many things I hadn’t realized before. I think Prue is great to work with. She has got lots of insights and I really enjoyed working with her. Thank you Prue!

Lorane Gold
I am a result coach and I just want to tell you that I had a session with Prue. We looked at me following my passion. I was setting up business that deep inside knew it wasn’t the right thing for me. Everyone was encouraging me and because of all of that and this short of momentum that I had, I was going to follow this path even though inside I knew it wasn’t right. I worked with Prue who helped me own that it wasn’t right thing for me to do. She helped me have the courage to step into myself. I completely change direction. Now I am going down the path doing something that I know is absolutely what I want to do. So if you are lacking direction or purpose or passion, go and see Prue. She will be able to help you.

Results Coach

Sue Broad
Prue Morrison’s coaching is out of this world. Her insights and intuition are a sure guide to delve deeper into your awareness and uncover what you yourself have hidden. Her extensive training and research is obvious, as he always has another tool to guide you through whatever it is you’re going through. She helped me uncover deep parts of me (the real me!) that everyone else seemed to be aware of, but I was oblivious too! She’s like the secret investigator of consciousness you always wish you had! So grateful for your contribution to my life Prue – you’re the bombdiggity xxx

;P xxx mwah

Marie-Anne Hill