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heel on roofThis course is for Business Owners, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants who want to increase their effectiveness as a leader AND increase sales. It is a course that is based around the premise of the more positive effect you will have on people, the more rewarding your career with be – both financially and personally.

Prue turns the idea of not wanting to stand out inside out … “the only way forward is to stand out”.  Otherwise you will be getting the same mediocre results the majority of the population gets. Learning to own and fully step into your unique gifts and giving yourself permission to be amazing and outstanding has positive implications for you and your business. Become the leader in your industry and set yourself apart from the rest.

The processes and exercises throughout this course will have you step into more of who you are to harness your true talents (and accepting your other sides), so that you can truly become an outstanding leader.

Get clear on your over all goals, mission and vision, for yourself, your loved ones and for the greater community and humanity.

Prue, having had her life depend on her team (literally), knows how important team alignment is, and how when you don’t have the right team your mission and visions come crashing down. If you have a team, or you are creating a team, this course will help you align your team’s values and beliefs systems with yours and your company structure.

Prue will also share tools and techniques that you will easily be able to implement to increase the effectiveness of your team. Combining these with sales techniques that will empower you and your team to increase revenue and impact within your business.

It incorporates:

  • Leadership
  • Your power and abilities
  • Delegation
  • Accepting your faults and becoming comfortable with them
  • Sales and negotiations
  • Behaviour, Values and alignment between you, your business and your team
  • Vision and mission statement refinement for business and your life

Key Benefits:

Make more money by harnessing your unique talents and empowering your staff to do the same.

Increase staff effectiveness and productivity by aligning their goals in business and in life to you and your business goals.

Gain greater understanding of emotions and emotional intelligence to understand how they can either hold you back or move you forward.

Communicate more effectively and easily giving rise to becoming a more effective leader, impacting more lives and having an even greater positive impact.

Feel more in alignment with who you are in your life and business which will in turn increase motivation, productivity and enjoyment.

HAVE MORE FUN does this need explanation?? Feel like you are playing instead of working, feel like you are stepping into your community rather than work colleagues and feel at home rather than work.

Clarity on your personal and your business goals so that you have a plan and an understanding on what you are doing and why.

Who Is It For?

  • Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants who want to have a greater impact the world by becoming even more authentic and confident in their abilities.
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are already in business or are just setting out and understand the importance of having the right team around them. And the impact this plays on revenue
  • Individuals who are looking to start a business or have a message the want to share with the world and create an income doing it.
  • Individuals who are sick of their mundane 9-5 job and looking to branch out into something more aligned with who they are.

Who it is not for …

  • People who have no integrity in business
  • People who do not care about humanity and the environment
  • People who just want to make money and dont care if they are hurting people by doing so

You will Learn:

back surfing shot with board

  • How to empower your knowledge and get it to the world
  • How to remove your fears around being the tall poppy and actually enjoy standing out
  • How to be comfortable in the face of fear
  • How to develop rapport and connect with more people in your team
  • Alignment of your personal and your business goals, visions and mission
  • Staff and team alignment of the above and how to increase sales through this simple process
  • Techniques to selling and negotiation to be an even more effective leader
  • Clarity on your pPhone: 04 2963 3298
    Email: support@pruemorrison.comdifference within your market place to increase
  • your sales and increase satisfied customers

Country: Australia

Price: $1,997

Location and dates:

  • Torquay, Victoria.
  • Please contact us for the next available dates

To register or inquire – contact Prue Morrison’s team

Or feel free to contact me or my team on 04 2963 3298 or


Prue Morrision
International Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur