The Art of Speaking from Stage

The Art Of Speaking From Stage


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Art of Speaking From Stage is for entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, coaches, consultants, keynote speakers, and thought leaders wanting to harness their gifts and their message to positively impact others and the world.

In this course you will learn the art of speaking authentically. You will learn how to truly connect with an audience, develop rapport in a group situation, harness the energy in the room, be confident in your ability and to combine all these elements in a format that will be sure to be entertaining.

Learn how to harness the emotions in the group, build on them and take your audience on an amazing journey. Be unforgettable.  Prue’s clients have made comments such as “that’s the best Professional Development session I’ve even had”…

We speak every day. Learn how to do it more effectively and authentically in any event

  • Sales and board meetings
  • Selling from stage
  • Television, radio, social media
  • Public speaking
  • CEO forums
  • Networking events
  • Running your own workshops
  • Webinars and other online forums


You will learn how to:

  • Increase sales by increasing from 1:1 to 1: many
  • Learn the art of authenticity and stepping into your true self
  • Take your emotions, understand them and use them to your advantage to actually get more kudos from the audience, even in awkward moments (otherwise known as emotional intelligence)
  • Use your body language and other non-verbal communication to truly enhance your message for maximum impact and results
  • Be clear, concise, and to the point to impact and move your audience at a deep level
  • Be unforgettable and the bench mark for what others want to achieve
  • Position yourself as the expert in your industry
  • Impact even more lives with your message

Wherever you are in business or if you are just starting out and needing to get your message out there this course will positively impact you in

  • Leading your business to success
  • Creating a more effective team who will support you in your mission and goals
  • Joint business ventures
  • Sales and negotiations
  • Getting your message out there to more people and having an even greater impact

What You Will Learn

This even is tailored to suit the group and the needs of the group. Prue prides herself in making sure that all who attend get the maximum results. However leanings include:

  • How to create and run a seminar
  • Marketing techniques and identifying your “ideal” client
  • The art of removing fear and speaking from the heart and with authenticity
  • Emotional Intelligence and how to use emotions to your advantage
  • The skills of rapport and how to build deep rapport with your audience (even if its just one on one)
  • Developing Credibility and having the audience’s attention
  • How to tell stories and metaphors to really enhance your message
  • The way to set up a room to maximise your audience’s learning and engagement
  • Use all forms of communication including body language to make the most impact
  • Packaging and designing your services to start making money now
  • How to manage a group and deal with difficult people in your audience
  • The art of redirection whilst holding your space as the speaker
  • Congruency in you, your message, your business and what impact you want to have in the world.

Country: Australia

Price: $2, 997

Location and Dates:

  • Torquay, Victoria
  • Please contact us for the next course dates available

To register or inquire – contact Prue Morrison’s team

Or feel free to contact me or my team on 04 2963 3298 or


Prue Morrision
International Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur