Corporate Training

Corporate Training

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADo you find that you are not holding onto your staff?

Are they not performing the way you would like?

Are your sales Down or you would like to improve them?

Do you feel as though you are not getting your message across clearly and effectively?

Or would you just like to have more fun?

Prue has the ability to tailor a program to suit you and your business needs. She will analyse your current situation, assess your current vision and mission statements, and align your staff with the most appropriate mediums.

This can, but is not limited to, values elicitation and alignment, sales, confidence, communication, staff relations and staff satisfaction. These concerns primarily come all come under the banners of

  1. Leadership and Communication
  2. Culture within your business
  3. Your Team and their performance

Prue has worked with various businesses which have included start up entrepreneurs to start up companies, to businesses that have been established for 15 year or more. Would you like to as a start up business turn from the new kid on the block to being the go to company in your industry with in 12 moths (and have a waitlist!)… Prue has done this and can help your business do the same.

From her diverse background she brings in varying and different elements and combines them with her no nonsense approach to really harness the best results for you and your business.

She also has the ability to harness the best elements in both males and females and help them communicate more effectively. They also respond differently to sales, and clients also respond differently to them. Prue will share tools and knowledge to shift the way to sell to either females and males, and how you treat them also within your business.

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Prue Morrision
International Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur