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Hey there… and welcome…

I have created a list of free resources, and easy links that you can use to accelerate your learning. I am constantly learning and developing. I love to learn and grow.

People are constantly asking me for advice on what to book to read, what video to watch or what course to go to. And so I decided to compile a list of FREE resources that will help you in your journey of becoming even more conscious. These realms cover  your business, your personal life and the relationships you have with others and the environment.

You may not agree with everything each documentary has to say, but at least hear some of them out. Listen and absorb.

The person with the most flexibility and understanding has the most influence. Remember that you cannot reach someone you have no rapport with. You cannot help someone if you don’t know where they are coming from. AND as Einstein said “no problem can be solved by from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Expand your consciousness, and you will become better at solving problems.

So sit back – enjoy and have fun learning x

Prue xx