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Hey. Welcome and thanks for taking the time to come over to learn more about me.

I grew up on beaches of Victoria, in a small town called Anglesea. It was here that the ocean and the beach way of living took its hold. When school finished for the day we would hit the beach (about a 5 min walk from my house), we went to the beach on the weekend, at school holidays and any other time in between.

It was a small community where walking down the street everyone knew your name, your business and what was going on (both good and bad!). In 1983 Ash Wednesday blazed through and burnt down our home (uninsured). It was here that I first learnt the power of having a community around you, one that looked out for each other and helped you out in your time of need. We had pretty much nothing left – in a family of 3 small girls under the age of 7. It was also here that I learnt that..

Everything Is Your Perception and is a choice to how you want to see it…

At the age of 5 – not knowing what it all meant – it was an adventure to me. We packed up our things, camped at my Uncles house for a couple of days, drove through the embers, then went through the rumble at our house. We searched for treasures – like burnt coins and anything else we could find. It was an adventure for sure! While the new house was being built we would play in the building site and also in the shack next door (our house was burnt by a fire bomb but the shack remained). This shack had chooks living in it, so we would go and collect the eggs and bring to everyone who was working on the house. We also got a BRAND new tramp!! Man we were stoked!! Bush fires rocked!

The new house was build and life went on. Primary school flowed as did high school. I was ok at school – never amazing, never terrible (though Japanese wasn’t my greatest subject!). Netball was my passion. I always choose subjects that were aligned with my heart.  My parents always encouraged me to

Do what you love….

So I did. I chose subjects I loved – Outdoor Education, Psychology, Human Development, and Biology (maths and English were a must). And got mainly A’s and B’s with the occasional A+. The only subject I didn’t do great in – the one my parents wanted me to do was Japanese – ending up with C’s and  a D+! This again re-iterated –

Do what you love…

So I did. When looking at uni subjects I chose not from a place of what will get me the most amount of money, it was more of what would I love to do. Human Movement or Outdoor Education …. Outdoor Education won out. I was lucky to have gotten into “the” Outdoor Education course… the one where there were close on a thousand applicants for around 30 places. I was stoked.

And Wow what an amazing 4 years!! I loved uni. We were a bunch of friends, hanging out, going camping together, rock-climbing, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, and sharing the most amazing bonds…. which are still strong to this day. We hung outside of uni, cooked together and lived together. Everyone else at the uni looked to us as what they wished they had in their course. Again – community was around, supporting and sharing. I also studied Psychology and Photography (always trying to do more than average!). Which both blended in really nicely into my major studies.

I learnt very early on that I had great organisational skills. For Outdoor Education we were away for at least 54 days of the uni year (which is already very short), meaning that I had to juggle catching up on other classes and having assignments sorted ahead of due date.

I always followed my heart…

After uni I felt like the travelling bug was calling. In finishing Outdoor Education studies (I had been working in the field already being paid as I studied, and had absolutely no problems getting work), I then decided to travel the world and see what it had to offer.

I surfed and travelled many countries, experiencing the most amazing adventures. Hawaii with its surf, culture, volcano’s and turtles. The UK with its castles, history and mountains. France, Spain and Portugal with their amazing beaches, wines, and cheeses. Fiji, Samoa, Sri Lanka, NZ, and one of my favorites, Indonesia. I loved how the Indonesian people lived, the climate, the culture. I spent a great deal of time in the islands outside Bali. I lived in grass huts on grass mats – surfing breaks outside my door. Travelling solo when it took me, and meeting people on the way. Oh and then there was South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia and Botswana. The most amazing sand dunes and formations, the mountain Gorillas, the Delta, the Masi Mira, the migration of the animals, the lions, elephants crossing Victoria falls at night, swimming in pools at the top of the falls looking down, experiencing visiting orphanages and schools where they were so grateful for pens and books. Oh and climbing Kilimanjaro! Wow how incredible that was too. Cuddling baby white lion cubs, snorkelling with Turtles, watching amazing sunrises and sunsets and experiences watching live lava flow.


And the people I met. The locals I met and hung out with. The experiences of meeting someone for a short time and then inviting me into their homes to stay – sometimes for months without accepting anything! AND lending me their car at the same time. Then suggesting I go visit their uncle on another island and he can take me around too!! Wow I was having the most amazing times and really couldn’t believe how beautiful people were and giving. It truly was incredible.

Then I would come home….

And some of those who I used to hang out with was doing the usual. Going out, drinking, smoking. And complaining about not having enough money to do what I had been doing. Or not being able to for this reason or that reason… And all I could think to say was …

It’s a choice… life is always full of choices

I couldn’t understand why people were working jobs they hated. Living in cities they didn’t like. Living with people they didn’t want to be living with. I always felt that you could design your life, the way you wanted on your own terms. Just make the choices that are in alignment with what you wanted to do.

Now that does not mean life is always roses. I had some experiences while I was overseas that I would never want to repeat (like having a machete held to my throat) or watching someone pass after a motor bike accident. But I could have made the decision that the world was too horrible after these things happened and gone back home. But I decided to let the wonderful, amazing experiences be those that defined my travels… and the other experiences I also learnt a great deal.

And it does not mean things have always come easy to me. After I got back from travelling I felt pretty unsettled. I found it hard to work out where my place was, where I wanted to be and what I wanted to now do. I was falling back on my Outdoor Education teaching and leading (which I never had problems finding work), but I felt there was something more I was here to do.

Push the envelop of what you believe to be possible

A few people who were close to me in different ways passed away which lead me questioning what was important and what I wanted to create in my life. Which funnily enough lead me to start to further my interest in human behaviour and potential. My years in Outdoor Education with tens of thousands of people had lead me to develop some amazing skills and abilities of forming groups and facilitating change work in others to help them reach their full potential. I was obsessed with making sure that each participant on my trips (whether it was surfing, rock-climbing, hiking or any other activity), was brought to the point where they pushed the envelop of what they thought was possible for them and for those around them. Now for some this was abseiling, for others it was relying on others for help, for others it was facing up to the fact that they were capable of far more than what they thought or had been told they were. I remember one girl in particular who after 2 hours of hiking (with a 20 kg pack), on the first day of a 6 day hike stopped, in the middle of the bush (we had been dropped off and left) and said she was not going to go on. She literally stopped, took off her pack and said that she was not moving and would not walk any further until someone called her mum to come and get her. I think we sat on that path with her and the rest of the group for 3 hours. Now there are times when I step in and help show the way, and there are other times where it is more powerful, with the right guidance, to help people find their own way. Experience is far greater than knowledge.

Experience is Far Greater Thank Knowledge

Eventually with the right elements, the right whispers in the right ears, and a few white lies (“sorry, we don’t have any way to communicate with your mum”), she put her pack back on and continued. I’m not saying it was the easiest trip for her. But she persisted. And on the last night when sitting around the campfire, she commented; “I never thought I could do this and finish. My mum always tells me I’m too small and too weak to do things by myself. I have learnt that I can do far more than what my Mum and I thought I could have. I am so proud of doing something I thought was not possible”.

Now to hear that from a 15 year old girl… knowing that all her decisions in her life will now be made with that experiential knowledge in her being, is priceless. And the feeling that it created in me knowing I helped her achieve that knowledge was incredible.

I have always loved helping people grow and develop through their fears and uncertainly

There was more for me to do though

But… I got way laid. Stepping off my path to become an “internet marketer” and writer of ebooks. Imagine for a second that me, someone who surfs and hates being inside, who loves being with people, is now sitting in a room, by herself learning IT and internet marketing! Ahhhh yep – you got it – it didn’t work! I hated it. I got caught in the trap of money. Make money quickly and easily… I spent thousands on this. Learning that money was not my answer. I quickly lost my zest for life. Lost my sparkle and love of what I was doing.

So I got back on track doing what I loved. I went on to study more of human potential through NLP (neuro linguist programming), Accelerated Change work, business strategies and leadership modalities. I have spent thousands of hours learning and adapting the most effective leadership techniques and strategies, cutting edge business strategies, team management techniques , values elicitation and how to align these in your business, and effective speaking and platform skills.

Using these tools and techniques I started coaching people and businesses to create their ideal. People were coming to me and telling me that they never thought that the life they had created and was now living was possible 6 month earlier. And that after being coached by me – now feel they are on path and creating their ideal life.  I realised that through my coaching, people and businesses were getting amazing results. They were working less, making more money and having more fun. They had more time and money to spend on doing what they loved.

The world needs more people doing what they love… this will change the world from the inside…

When others are happy, they share the happiness. They give more in every way. They are more empathetic, compassionate and giving.

My mission now is empower the socially and environmentally conscious business owners, entrepreneurs and CEO’s to become the decision makers of the world.

Imagine for a second those who cared about the world we were living in, who cared about the environment and cared about creating connected communities again – where making the decisions for all of us. What a different world we are already starting to create.

Go out and Live a Life by Your Design – and in doing so you give permission for others to do the same,


Prue Morrision
International Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur