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What does Prue do?

Prue Morrison is a leading authority in the speaking, training and coaching industry. She coaches and consults with individuals, business owner’s, entrepreneurs and high level executives. She has worked with tens of thousands of people over 20 years to help them reach their full potential and to live a life by their design.

She has travelled to over 20 different countries, has studied too many modalities to count (including NLP, Sales training, internet marketing, Leadership, meditation and more), is a single mum and an avid surfer.

She has a knack for working with high level executives, business owners and entrepreneurs with a deep sense of adventure to empower them to build a business that supports their life style. She specialises on working with the culture of the company in relation to profitability and bringing the fun and enjoyment back into their business.

Typically she empowers socially and environmentally conscious business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants and individuals to bring forth their missions and vision into the world. She has had the privilege of helping change people’s lives and empowering them get their message out to the world more effectively and powerfully.

She empowers the conscious decision makers of the world with the skill sets, tools and knowledge required to become even more effective and powerful leaders to accelerate them and their businesses. She is committed to restoring the natural balance of humanity by creating a world where the socially and environmentally conscious are the thought and action leaders of the world.

How does she do it?

She works with individuals and those within these businesses by providing live and online trainings, live talks and discussion groups, books, festivals, conferences and social entrepreneurial businesses.

Empowering Conscious Action

Key Benefits She Delivers:

  • Empowering Leadership within the conscious realm to support humanity
  • Providing powerful tools to help align Businesses and entrepreneurs with the culture of their team to support a more sustainable and enjoyable working environment and therefore the wider community
  • Equip individuals and businesses with financial independence and security to enable a deeper level of experiences within the community, family, relationships and business.
  • Clarity of vision, mission and purpose to enhance humanity and leave an even longer lasting and even more powerful legacy.
  • Emotional intelligence in order to overcome any issues or problems to fully step into creating your life by design in all areas (family, relationships and the wider community, business/career, fulfilment, fun and joy)

Prue’s Brief Bio

Over years of working with individuals and studying human potential and psychology, Prue has vast knowledge and understanding of the limitless ability of an individual when one is completely focused. The immense force of uniting these focused and limitless individuals, like yourself, to serve humanity with conscious decisions and actions create a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Having worked with tens of thousands of individuals, teams and businesses owners, nationally and internationally, Prue has refined the most effective delivery systems and processes to overcome limits both real and perceived. Combining her back ground of facilitating mixed groups in Adventure Education (to face fears, grow and move through them) with her studies of culture and topping it off with a deep experience based understanding and implementation of the most cutting edge leadership techniques and tools she has the ability to see new perspectives and understandings.

She has studied and been personally trained and coached by some the most influential thought leaders, coaches and speakers including, Dr Martini (from the secret), Benjamin Harvey (Authentic Education), Christopher Howard, Jeffery Slayter, Kane Minkus, Janet Atwood (founder of “The Passion Test”), Paul Blackburn (Beyond Success), and Nicholas De Costella (Founder of “The Heart Intelligence Institute” Melbourne) to name just a few.

Prue has spent thousands of hours studying and learning multiple techniques including mediation and traditional means as well as the more mainstream understanding of effective and powerful leadership and business skills and knowledge.

Growing and learning is one of the most important elements to Prue’s life. In her spare time you will find her learning how to communicate more effectively, learning even more effective business principles, about the environment, human potential and psychology, growing her personal wealth and also supporting the environment in every way she can. Having grown up at the beach she loves being out in it, surfing, running, swimming or just strolling along the beach…. oh and throw in a bit (or alot!) of travelling!



Prue Morrision
International Coach, Speaker, Consultant and Social Entrepreneur